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Avexon Cloud Services

For many organizations, moving legacy applications and workloads to the cloud is more challenging than it first seems. Plenty of companies are able to navigate the initial steps easily enough, migrating some initial functions or workloads to the cloud without much difficulty. But without a comprehensive migration plan, things can quickly unravel.

The first challenge often comes with a lack of planning for automation. Migrating those first work seemed like a great success, but managing those workloads in the cloud suddenly starts to consume resources and stalls further migration. Security is usually the next challenge, as the cloud effectively changes the focus from network perimeter to distributed endpoints accessing cloud resources. By this point, most business start to realize they’re not getting the savings they anticipated and start to focus on cloud optimization, only to realize they have to go back to square one to rearchitect their plan.

Avexon can help you avoid these challenges. We start with an assessment of cloud readiness, we architect a secure and efficient cloud migration plan based on your current IT environment, and then we begin migration with a continuous focus on security, automation and optimization.

Whether you’re implementing a private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud strategy, our engineers will help you streamline and accelerate your digital transformation.


Your Go-to Azure Solutions Vendor

Our Microsoft Azure solutions ensure that your workloads and applications reap huge benefits from Azure. From identity management to application development, we’ll carefully survey your existing virtual and physical environments and leverage and recommend the best path your enterprise should follow into the Azure cloud.

Perhaps more than at any other time in the past, the need for organizations to support and secure their employees’ remote work is critical.

Features of our Azure solutions

  • No upfront fees – you only pay for what you use
  • Global data centers
  • Per-minute billing
  • Robust analytics and business intelligence support
  • Expansive catalog of Microsoft Azure-related solutions and services

Benefits include:

  • Developers can build apps quickly
  • You’ll be able to manage your apps proactively
  • You’ll better detect and mitigate emerging cybersecurity threats
  • Azure makes it easier to scale network resources
  • You should start seeing the results in as little as one week
  • We make available an audit report with detailed results of our assessment

Avexon Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Our expertise and experience in Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop ensure a secure and scalable WVD environment. Our commitment is to help you a robust desktop environment for both hybrid office and remote work scenarios.

Avexon AWS Cloud Migration Solutions

Avexon is an AWS Consulting partner.  We leverage AWS’ Well-Architected Framework to ensure successful cloud migrations with minimal service disruption. From assessment to discovery, planning, and actual migration, we work with your team to turn business objectives and priorities into a functioning infrastructure to support new and legacy applications and workloads. We‘ll evaluate all your organization’s application dependencies to determine the best AWS cloud migration approach, so our engineers can architect, migrate and validate each of your applications to streamline the migration process. We leverage automated testing techniques that ensure everything flows smoothly throughout the migration process.


Why Use Avexon’s Cloud Services

Our unmatched cloud services are backed by many years of experience network computing, application development and security.

We are committed to doing the heavy lifting to shift your workloads to the cloud in the most cost-efficient manner and deploying the most effective security protocols.

Our commitment to customer service means you’ll be working with a cloud solutions specialist dedicated to ensuring the success of your cloud migration. Whether your infrastructure is optimized for private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud, we can help you achieve your digital transformation with confidence. Avexon has what it takes to help your team implement modern and agile development practices that result in faster deployments. From controlling cloud costs to checking daily utilization rates and forecasting usage, our team can help you through the entire lifecycle of cloud-managed services.


Are you prepared to leverage the cloud for your enterprise? Contact us now and discover how Avexon can help your business make the most of the cloud!