Avexon Mobility Solutions

The future of work is rapidly emerging as a combination of working at the office and working from home. With a growing consensus is that it’s possible to move past the 9-to-5 status quo to a workday model that’s more fulfilling for workers, workplace flexibility is the new standard.. This shift in how we work has also elevated the equipment and devices that make remote work and hybrid office options possible. As employees return to the office, it’s putting pressure on business leaders to do better to improve enterprise mobility.

Complicating this enterprise mobility trend is the challenge of managing these devices. As Gen Z— a generation that grew up on instant file sharing and smartphones— enters the workforce, there’s a clear need to support the digital experiences that they’re used to. To this end, forward-thinking executives are exploring unified endpoint management (UEM) as they seek to provide their employees frictionless mobility, embracing systematic work models that support employees working from home for more extended periods.

Empowering Your Team to Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Today the workplace is everywhere. At Avexon, we have the insights, skills, and business experience necessary to meet your employees’ expectations wherever they choose to work. We also have the technology partnerships needed to design, develop, deploy and maintain the IT solutions required to maximize your team’s anytime, anywhere productivity.

Whether an employee is using a company-issued computer or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Avexon will find the right pieces of your mobility puzzle to help you figure out the best applications and devices to increase efficiency and improve workflow. We are the digital workplace solutions provider with mobility experts that will walk your company through the process of choosing the applications and devices that will deliver maximum productivity.

Our mobility solutions include


Scalable architecture

Robust and scalable business architecture is necessary if your business strategy is to succeed in the long term. The well-thought-out architecture will ensure easy compatibility even with future updates.

Mobility strategy assessment

Avexon will create a mobility strategy report that will include industry analysis, organization assessment findings, recommendations, and best practices to help you decide what mobile solutions would best suit your company’s needs.


We have an array of the latest Windows, iOS, and Android mobile devices to meet your organization’s needs, including smartphones, notebooks, and tablets.

Agile development

At Avexon, we leverage agile software development to align cross-functional teams and deploy the best solutions for your particular organizational needs.

Beyond desktop

We optimize all your work-related applications for improved mobility, reducing sales cycles, and replacing paper-based work volumes. Our virtual desktop advanced specialization is a testament to our expertise, deep knowledge, and extensive experience in deploying, securing, and scaling virtual desktop infrastructure.

VMWare cloud solutions

Avexon and VMWare’s partnership provides you with custom cloud solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs. Our multi-cloud solutions are designed to help you build, manage and deploy across clouds. Our experts can migrate your existing apps to the cloud without rewriting them or modernize the applications through containerization. We are committed to delivering VMWare solutions that empower your team to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device without compromises on security.

HPE IT infrastructure

Through our partnership with HPE, we can modernize your infrastructure and accelerate your transition to the cloud. We deliver forward-looking adaptable solutions to help your distributed workforce deliver excellent performance both at home and in the office. We are committed to building out capabilities that drive better business outcomes as your business shifts to modern work styles that demand adaptability, flexibility, and automation.

Our mobility professionals hold certifications from HPE and other industry-leading manufacturers.

The certifications include:

  • Aruba Certified Mobility Expert (ACMX) V6.4
  • HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V2
  • Master ASE – Advanced Server Solutions Architect V3
  • HPE ASE – Hybrid Infrastructure and Cloud Architect V1
  • HPE ASE – HP-UX 11i v3 Administrator V1
  • HPE Master ASE – FlexNetwork Solutions V2
  • Apple Certified Associate (ACA)
  • Windows 8 Device Pro
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Enterprise Devices and Apps

When you want robust, secure, and scalable mobility solutions, Avexon should be your go-to digital solutions provider.

We combine progressive client engagement techniques with the latest mobile tech trends to deliver business value that goes beyond just a few business cycles. At Avexon, we do best when we provide world-class mobility solutions that improve workflow and enhance productivity.


Talk to us. Let us leverage our mobility solutions to create novel solutions designed to meet your enterprise’s particular needs.