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Successful IT security solutions go beyond technology architectures and policies; they revolve around business integration — every aspect of the enterprise must be considered to ensure there are no security gaps. Effective cybersecurity demands a top-down approach where addressing a security issue means assessing how it impacts other aspects of the business.

Avexon offers a holistic approach for enterprises to identify the systemic vulnerabilities resulting from fault lines in policy, infrastructure, incident management, compliance, business continuity and governance. Our security assessments are the road map you need to secure your business.

Security Assessments

We’ve designed the assessments to help your organization determine the existing risk of cybersecurity exposure across your entire computer systems, technology, and applications. Avexon’s security assessments will provide you with a roadmap to follow in your journey towards managing and mitigating security risks in addition to evolving into a more mature cybersecurity model.

Our security assessments include:

  • Infrastructure penetration testing
  • Application penetration testing
  • Architecture assessment
  • Comprehensive security assessment
  • Security controls assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment

Primarily, it is the responsibility of business executives to ensure that their companies’ assets are secured from system outages and data breaches. In a world where cyber attacks have become highly sophisticated, you as the leader need to find security solutions that can effectively protect your enterprise from system failures, viruses, human error, natural disasters, and malicious attacks.

Avexon offers risk management, governance, and security solutions that avoid risk that can keep your company secure even in the event of a security incident.

Avexon Security Solutions

Intrinsic security

We help you build security into your corporate infrastructure and turn your enterprise’s vulnerabilities into points of security control. By leveraging existing infrastructure and threat intelligence, we help you secure your data and apps.

Network security

Our network security solutions are designed to help you control your system traffic through secured network access and segmentation. You’ll be able to inspect all traffic to detect vulnerabilities and anomalies and a roadmap that will help you address them.

Cloud security

We prepare you to detect better and manage threats and vulnerabilities that come from working with various cloud vendors.

Workload and endpoint security

We leverage our security solutions for workload and cloud-native endpoints to help you secure your company’s critical security controls.

Workspace security

We leverage VMware Carbon Black Cloud to help you secure your workplace apps, users, and endpoints. We ensure you have better visibility to help you detect and prevent threats.

Datra-centric security

Many companies don’t have a clear understanding of the distribution of their sensitive data. This scenario makes it practically impossible to keep it safe and be compliant with data privacy laws. Avexon’s security solutions are data-centric; they make it possible for organizations to identify and protect their sensitive data.

In the first six months of 2020, 27 billion records of data were exposed, a figure that was over four times higher than any figure that had been reported before. In a world where immunity against cyberattacks is non-existent, the only way to stay safe is by protecting critical data all the time regardless of where it is used, transmitted, or stored.

Avexon can help your organization develop a data-centric, end-to-end security program designed to help you maintain total control over your sensitive data throughout the data lifecycle. Avexon’s security solutions will give you visibility into all the locations of that sensitive data, insights into how it flows throughout the organization, and an understanding of the areas of vulnerability and risk.

We will evaluate your organization’s security and develop a roadmap that will help you improve your security by fronting a data-first security strategy. We will help you figure out precisely what you want to secure and help you install and enforce the appropriate controls to achieve that goal.

Our key focus areas include:

  • Data discovery
  • Encryption
  • Data classification
  • Secure file transfer
  • Data loss prevention
  • Data access governance
  • Data masking and tokenization
  • Key management
  • Email security
  • Data security

Hardware-Based Security For Endpoints

Introducing HP Sure Suite

Most businesses know about software-based security software applications like malware and antivirus programs, but new hardware-based security techniques offer better protection for end-user computers and the networks they access. HP in particular has stepped up its security game with a new line of security features embedded directly in their computer hardware, called Sure Suite.

HP’s Sure Suite utilizes a hardware-based security system built around the HP Endpoint Security Controller (ESC), a small device attached to the motherboard that functions as a control center for monitoring vulnerabilities across the computer system. The main advantage of the ESC is that it sits separately from the software systems that are the primary targets for hacking, creating an independent defense against onboard threats that can’t be easily manipulated or bypassed. HP’s approach ensures the security of the individual device while also protecting the networks they access. The more users connected to the Sure Suite system, the more quickly phishing or malware attacks will be detected so that the network can be protected.

Avexon offers end-to-end data protection, expertise to help you meet compliance regulations, and security solutions for your network, data centers, and mainframe.

Our security solutions are adaptive next-generation solutions that grow as your enterprise vulnerabilities grow, threats evolve, and business needs change.

Avexon has the security solutions that you need to future-proof your enterprise; we will work with you to create customized security solutions that meet your needs today and in the future. We will apply our unrivaled understanding of technology and business to help keep your company ahead of every compliance demand and security challenge that you face.

Our elite team draws from an exceptional pool of security specialists fully committed to helping you protect your organization against regulatory violations, business vulnerability, and cybersecurity threats—now and in the future. Let our certified security engineers and consultants leverage their decades of experience to create a roadmap towards a better security strategy for your enterprise. Let us introduce a sense of calm to today’s constantly evolving and often always unsettled cyber landscape.


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