The Move Toward Total Enterprise Reinvention

How many of us feel like we’re trying to construct train tracks while on a moving train? 

You’re not alone in that feeling. 

Levels of disruption are reaching unprecedented heights, almost 200%, compared to the previous five year’s 5%.  This puts enterprises at continued risk of falling behind at an all-time high. Without agile systems in place, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the evolving state of the industry.

To complete and grow, companies must establish adaptable environments capable of foreseeing and navigating future changes seamlessly. That new strategy? Total Enterprise Reinvention.

Total Enterprise Reinvention is a new approach that few leaders in the tech space are implementing which involves reinventing or creating a unifying force across all levels of your business. According to Accenture it’s, “Centered around a strong digital core, [which] helps drive growth and optimize operations.”

If you’ve been looking for a solution to keep up with the state of the industry, here it is. 

Let’s take a look at how to build a digital core and chart your way forward! 👇

Initially, your enterprise (at all levels) agrees and commits to a mindset shift. Seems straightforward if not simple. But, our tech brains are hyper-focused on “how much change is too much change?”, “What domino effect should we plan for?”.

We so easily shift into a reactive mindset in hopes of being proactive. With reinvention, everything changes. Reinvention is the complete adoption of a digital core.

In fact, 97% of executives surveyed agreed that technology is critical to their reinvention strategy. What does a digital core look like? 

A digital core relies on three main technologies:

  1. Cloud
  2. Data
  3. AI

How does this happen? Your digital strategy becomes synonymous with your business strategy and business architecture. 


According to Information Week, “The digital core is built upon three layers:


  • An infrastructure and security layer that is automated, agile, and secure.
  • A data and AI layer where enterprise data becomes democratized and accessible at scale across the enterprise, with AI-enabled applications and platforms. Only 12% of companies have true enterprise-wide AI strategies and deployments. 
  • An applications and platforms layer that is highly interoperable and where new experiences and ways of operating come alive.”

You may think, “This doesn’t seem feasible for my organization.” Let’s take a look at the six characteristics your company must embrace when embarking on enterprise reinvention. 

  1. Reinvention is the strategy, not merely a tool to implement their strategy.
  2. Invest in a digital core. The ROI and organization efficiency will far exceed the cost.
  3. Identify a new set of possibilities and benchmarks. Look at what’s possible and go one step further. 
  4. Engage employees across the enterprise in the reinvention. You’re only as good as your weakest link, make sure every leader across departments is on board.
  5. Build multidisciplinary teams. Ditch the silos. Adopting a digital core connects all people, data, and processes across organizations.
  6. Reinvention is an ongoing process. Remember as new technologies come into play, you’re set up for the easiest adoption and seamless integration with your digital core. 

Enterprise Reinvention may seem like an overwhelming concept, with many moving parts requiring many people to get on board. But, by following and adopting the six characteristics listed above, the ROI and organizational efficiency will far outvalue the resources it takes to make this happen. If enterprise growth goal, this puts you on a fast track to get there, empowering your employees to innovate and spend less time doing the things they hate. 

It’s a win-win for everyone. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how your team can start the process of adopting a digital core, reach out to! We’d love to help you start your journey to expedited growth!